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Palliative Care and Hospice Advanced Certification Action/Reflection (Track 2) Application Assessment Process

  1. Applicant submits all materials in to the BCCI office, which reviews them for completeness.
  2. Applicant submits application fee for advanced certification along with the materials.  
  3. Due to the advanced chaplaincy practice, the BCC-PCHAC Certification Committee reviews the application for completeness and integration of content.  
    1. If the application is incomplete upon this review, materials and fees will be returned to the applicant with notation of the missing components.
    2. If the application is complete upon this review, the applicant is contacted regarding acceptance to the workshop and may make arrangements to attend. 
  4. The action/reflection model is inclusive of two days of learning and evaluation towards advanced certification. Various tools will be used to evaluate candidates’ skills in demonstrating the competencies, including the reference letters and written materials turned in with the application group discussion, documentation simulation, and quality improvement project information.
  5. On Day 1 of the certification process, differing teaching tools including video, power point, role plays, and more will be used as a way for the gathered group to explore and share their knowledge with their peers.
  6. Homework will be given on Day 1 to be completed for Day 2, where it will be shared with the group.
  7. Day 2 will have a teaching moment, role play and final interview for each candidate.
  8. ALL 14 competencies must be met in order to attain the BCC-PCHAC credentials. If certification is not granted, the applicant may choose to work on the unmet competencies or requirements and submit a new application at a discounted rate and meet via Zoom for an interview.  
  9. The certification committee’s recommendation will be sent to the BCCI Commission on Certification for ratification, which will be submitted for approval at the next Board of Directors meeting.