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Palliative Care & Hospice Advanced Certification

The palliative care and hospice literature continues to demonstrate positive outcomes for patients and families who receive specialized care, and for this reason the various disciplines providing palliative care and hospice care have focused on the education, training, and certification of professionals providing this advanced level of care.  
BCCI and the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) are delighted to recognize the expertise, specialized skills, advanced education, and unique experience of professional palliative care/hospice chaplains with an advanced certification beyond the Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) designation.  Board Certified Chaplains who successfully complete the advanced certification process are designated as BCC-PCHAC (Board Certified Chaplain – Palliative Care & Hospice Advanced Certification), signifying that they have mastered the spiritual care competencies necessary for palliative care/hospice, including end-of-life care and care of those with life-limiting conditions. 
Overarching Characteristics are foundational for advanced chaplaincy care which will be demonstrated through the competencies.
1. Understanding of and practice in all eight domains of the National Consensus Project on Palliative Care
2. Exemplifies advanced transdisciplinary integrated practice
3. Reflects educated compassion- integrating the total pain, including medical, psycho-social, spiritual and emotional compassionate response
4. Demonstrates the ability to be an emotional broker while holding various emotions and facilitating communication.
5. Offers ethical mediation, including but not limited to understanding of non-beneficial medical care
6. Provides moral distress diffusion for staff, care recipients and families
Board Certified Chaplains interested in the advanced BCC-PCHAC certification will find all requirements, guidelines, and forms by clicking the appropriate links below.  
Application Eligibility Requirements for both Action/Reflection Application and Written Application

  If you are considering this advanced certification, please be advised that written applications may be submitted at any time.
  Those interested in pursuing the Action/Reflection track need to submit their applications to the APC office for the following dates/deadlines. 
  • June 19-20, 2020 Action/Reflection Workshop in Milwaukee, WI - The action/reflection workshop set for June 19-20 in Milwaukee has been cancelled.  We regret the decision but the current work requirements from the committee do not allow time for properly reviewing applications and preparing for the process.  If you are currently preparing an application, please email Carol Pape at to discuss options.
  • September 11-12, 2020 Action/Reflection Workshop in Hoffman Estates, IL - APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 12, 2020
Competencies of the Palliative Care and Hospice Advanced Certification

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Palliative Care & Hospice Advanced Certification

Guidelines for Preparing the Palliative Care & Hospice Advanced Certification Written Application

BCC-PCHAC Application

Palliative Care & Hospice Advanced Certification Written Application Assessment Process

Palliative Care & Hospice Advanced Certification Action/Reflection Application Assessment Process

Maintenance of Certification

Advanced Certification Fees