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Maintenance of Certification

In 2017 the Spiritual Care Cognate Groups consisting of ACPE, APC®, CASC/ACSS, NACC and NAJC reaffirmed their commitment to the Common Qualifications and Compentencies for Professional Chaplains Common Qualifications and Competencies for Professional Chaplaincy.

These qualifications included provisions of maintenance of certification, which were implemented within APCTM in 2007. All board certified chaplains, provisional certified chaplains, associate certified chaplains, provisional associate certified chaplains and professional life members must participate in maintenance of certification.

Maintenance of certification requirements are:

Peer Review

Submission of a peer review, which includes providing evidence of continued connection with your faith community, is required every five years for maintenance of certification. The year you are required to complete a peer review (including providing evidence of continued connection with your faith community) is based on the year you became a board certified chaplain or an associate certified chaplain. If you were first provisional certified, the requirement is based on the date of provisional certification.

All members to whom this requirement applies in a given year will be notified in January of that year as to the exact requirements and submission deadlines.

Requirements and Forms

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